"People who might be less tech-savvy are using the new system, and that tells us it's moving along well."

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"Ecollect can do so much more than other products that cost ten times as much."

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"Learners who wouldn't normally be the type to advocate for themselves or speak up are able to now because we gave them more of a voice."

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“[Ecollect] really ties into so many things in regards to the reduction of costs."

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“Ecollect dramatically decreased the amount of paperwork our secretaries have to deal with. It saves time and money in our district, and is backed by a team that cares about our needs.”

Sean Cawby Assistant Technology Engineer, Rensselaer Central Schools

“This product is amazing. I have been able to create several forms that stand to make our processes much more efficient. The support that has come with Ecollect has been innovative and inspiring.”

Marci Eagen-Stark Data Manager, Lee County Schools

“Enabled us to make PowerSchool the central data source for far more data, simplifying many of our processes and systems, and allowing us to phase out some of our older custom systems.”

John DeMillion Director of Information Technology, Chester County IU

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