We didn’t start engineering Ecollect until we had studied current district infrastructure strengths and real-world challenges. Other solutions might work with your system; Ecollect was built for it.

Ecollect forms can be used to compile any type of data from students, staff and parents; from athletic forms, emergency contact updates, medical forms, permission slips, activity registrations, transportation requests, disciplinary forms, incident reports, personal learning plans, student self-evaluations, school climate surveys, community service tracking, parent-teacher conferences, time off/leave requests, CEU tracking, and much more.

All your district’s paper-based, Google, and other forms either already exist in Ecollect’s ready-to-go form library or can be created from scratch.

Ecollect is the only solution that runs inside the Parent Portal and all other portals. No other solution does this as effectively. Because of this, Ecollect avoids complicated logins, removing a common barrier to engagement.

With over 50 templates and the ability to share forms across the entire district, we’ve helped schools:

  • Save thousands of staff hours each year, putting more focus on student learning
  • Save thousands of dollars in printing costs
  • Reduce parent frustration
  • Manage risk inherent in paper forms and stand-alone systems
  • Increase engagement

We Speak Your Language

Our core team analyzes education trends using decades of experience in public school education. We’ve experienced the same challenges our customers face. Ecollect is our answer to those challenges.

Ecollect plugs into your existing SIS, helping you take full advantage of the technology investments you’ve already made. Our US-based implementation and support staff will help your district identify the first forms to roll out, recommending forms expected to create the greatest positive impact with the least disruption. Over time, as your district’s Ecollect utilization gains momentum, we help you add more forms to your portfolio and work with you to track performance metrics that are meaningful to you, your school board, and parents.

Each Ecollect solution comes with ready-to-go forms for some of the most common pain points, from enrollment to specialized academic plans. Need a specialized form? No problem. Our infinitely flexible system means you can build your own, or ask us to do it for you.*

Common District Performance Metrics

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Recruiting/retaining # of students

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% of completed parent forms

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Cost and technology use optimization

Ratio of teacher hours spent on paperwork vs. instruction

Student academic performance

Our Commitment to You

Realistic. Low-friction.

Through decades of experience inside districts just like yours and more than 150 tailored Ecollect roll-outs, we help you anticipate and minimize disruptions. Our team guides your district through mapping its workflows so Ecollect can best support them. We manage your data entry and give you materials designed to accelerate district-wide adoption.

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*Our collections come with a bundle of custom-built forms, which renew annually. Additional forms we build for you can be quoted at an additional cost.