What is Adaptive Data Management and Why Does it Make Such a Difference?

One of the most important tools school districts now have in their digital arsenal is a Student Information System (SIS). Now ubiquitous, the SIS didn’t really exist when I was in school. My data was collected on paper and hand-entered into a terminal by staff members to produce mainly transcripts and attendance records.

Now, schools, almost certainly including yours, use a SIS to manage as much data as they can about students but the one-size-fits-all nature of software can inhibit the school district as educational needs change.

  • State and federal student data collection requirements change frequently with little notice.
  • Training is sparse.
  • Meeting the deadlines of changing student data requirements can be difficult while waiting for software updates.
  • In addition to mandated data reporting challenges, districts must evaluate educational strategies that help them reach student outcome goals such as actively engaged, community-involved students.
  • Understanding these strategies and tailoring them to the district’s needs can often be an additional burden on already overworked staff.
  • Evaluating, purchasing, and implementing various systems to support those initiatives often involves immediate change to existing procedures to accommodate the limitations of the system.

This can all lead to frustration and a sense of apathy around digitization when an efficiency gain is felt as anything but.

We created Ecollect and our implementation process with these issues in mind. Ecollect is an Adaptive Data Management System that adapts to your workflows, not the other way around. Our team works with your district using a custom developed conative evaluation process called a District Profile Map that identifies the appropriate team members, communication strategy, and configuration of workflows for your district. We align our workflows, which are collections of customizable forms, processes, and data points adapted to your district’s needs, with your process workflows. Ecollect adapts to those needs immediately and improves over time by analyzing form usage and introducing new workflows by predicting the needs of parents, students, teachers, and staff. In addition, our team analyzes educational trends in similar districts and presents them to the core district team regularly for evaluation.

For just one example, Marysville Exempted Village School District in suburban Ohio used Ecollect to implement Personalized Learning Plans to increase engagement and improve student performance.

Before each workflow is implemented, barriers to adoption and complete utilization are identified by our implementation specialists. An implementation cycle is created that identifies the best district team members to train and be trained to drive the best results. This automated implementation cycle is repeated with each new workflow initiative to reduce friction and create faster, easier, more convenient, and secure processes that drive the results your district needs.