Our team actively seeks out successful initiatives and K-12 trends, assembling best practices so roll-outs and updates are continuously improved and increasingly valuable to our customers. We’re not just a product. We’re your partner.

Education Trend Reports

Our product experience experts work with schools around the country to identify trends in education that impact areas that matter most. These are released in our bundle form packs to Ecollect school districts and our team helps provide guidance and insight to help you implement effectively in your schools.


Ecollect Enrollment

Our comprehensive solution for online student registration and enrollment, featuring a parent-friendly online registration portal. Ecollect prompts parents and school/district staff through the enrollment and acceptance procedures, ensuring proper workflow and documentation.

Ecollect Essentials

Our SIS-Integrated school management tool for everyday functions without the printing, added steps, and miscommunication. Stop merely trying to get the right forms to the right people and turn your Ecollect parent portals into a true two-way communication tool for your district.

Ecollect Teacher

Ecollect Teacher gives teachers, nurses and school counselors an improved SIS experience. They can create forms, including assessments. Sleek management tools provide Administration and authorized staff visibility into real-time information, reducing miscommunication and missed opportunities for strengthening your front-line teams.

Ecollect Student Support

Reduce the burden of managing Special Education, 504, RTI, and other intervention processes including plan development, administration, and accommodation tracking. Student Support is built with our highly-adaptable flex forms, providing a custom solution for your local and state requirements while allowing you to directly request information from parents. Less paperwork means more time for students. More time for students means better outcomes.

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