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Student Outcomes

Schools move closer to performance targets when educators can focus on students. Get your teachers out from under paperwork, improve communication, and focus on learning.

Parent Engagement

Lower the barriers for families to get involved and stay invested. Schools with high volunteer rates and parent-teacher conference attendance are better-performing.

Budget Performance

Redirect resources into work that drives the key metrics you care about. Less double-work means more resources to get things done.

Our Adaptive Data Management System

Ecollect is an Adaptive Data Management System (ADMS), a uniquely flexible data collection platform that helps you get more out of your SIS. Through our world-class onboarding and support, we seamlessly integrate into your daily processes, giving you greater efficiency, visibility and performance across your organizational functions.


An infinite number of sharable, adaptive forms to collect your data.


Utilize more of the SIS investment you already made.


Measure progress and be alert to areas of concern.


Time stamps, audit trails and reversioning come standard.


Get a big-picture view, and drill down for more granular data.


Advanced data security is built-in. FERPA-compliant.


Start with what you need and build-out later.

For School District Staff

One of our advisors will reach out to you to schedule a convenient time and day to attend a demonstration webinar.

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Realistic & Low Friction

We pledge to be by your side during deployment and after. Our onboarding team will help you identify what workflows to start with, provide training, and give you next steps. Throughout the entire process, Ecollect is there to manage all of your data entry from start to finish. We can provide you with materials that will help the rest of your team get on board, too. And help is a call, chat, or email away. Our customer support members are US-based employees who work alongside our development team.

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