Ecollect Enrollment is a comprehensive solution for online student registration and enrollment.

Online registration portal allows parents to provide basic information necessary for student record creation.  Students are automatically enrolled into a holding (Enrollment) school within PowerSchool.  Parents receive an automated email with the necessary information for creating a parent account or adding the newly enrolled registered student to their existing account.  Parents then access the parent portal to complete the enrollment forms.

Upon completion, school / district staff are notified and can follow student acceptance procedures to approve the registration and enroll the student in the appropriate school.

Throughout the entire process, Ecollect is there to manage all of your data entry from start to finish!

The Enrollment Form Pack comes with the following curated forms:

  • Demographics
    • Collect basic student information
  • Birth Verification
    • Record method for verifying student birthdate and name
  • Residency Verification
    • Record information verifying student resides in correct district/catchment zone for school attendance
  • Previous Enrollment and Records Release
    • Collect information on previous school attendance for records request
  • Academic History
    • Collect information about support plans for enrolling student
  • Legal Guardians
    • Collect contact information for student’s primary caregivers (core PowerSchool fields)
  • Home Language Survey
    • Collect information about home language data
  • Student Contacts
    • Collect unlimited contacts for enrolling student (emergency, caregiver)
  • Emergency Contacts
    • Collect emergency contacts for enrolling student (core PowerSchool fields)
  • Health Information
    • Collect basic health information about an enrolling student
  • Emergency Authorization
    • Caregiver consent to emergency treatment protocol
  • Transportation
    • Collect school-provided transportation data for enrolling student
  • Consent and Acknowledgment
    • Single sign-off on all enrollment forms with acknowledgement of policies/documents